Online Kidspro Classes

Do you not live near a Kidspro centre? Don’t worry, your child can still attend our Kidspro classes by joining our online classes.

What is online classes and how does it work?

Our online classes are live, interactive classes and works just like a real classroom. Your child will join a scheduled class (same time and same classmates each week) and learn everything that Kidspro kids learn at our Kidspro centres. Online Kidspro classes works just like our regular classes.  This means:

  • Your child can interact with the tutor (and other kids)
  • Your child can ask questions any time
  • Your child can share his/her screen if she/he has a problem and the tutor can immediately help.
  • Your child shares the classroom experience and learn a lot from the tutor AND the other children in the class.

The only difference is that your child does the classes in the comfort of your home (no driving around mom! :-).

What you will need for the online classes:

  1. A broadband internet connection (contact us if you are unsure about this)
  2. A laptop (or else a computer with a microphone- or a microphone that you can plug in) – if you don’t have a microphone your child can still do the classes but he/she will then have to type their questions. Most laptops have a built in microphone.
  3. Earphones – any earphones will work.

Are you excited about our online classes? If so please fill in the following form and we will schedule a free session for your child to try it and for you to make sure that everything works before you commit to doing the classes

Frequently asked questions:

I don’t know anything about computers. How will I be able to set everything up so that my child can do the lessons?

It is very easy and we guide your through the process step by step. We even have a video that helps you to do it. That is why we offer you the free class so that you can see it how easy it is, before you commit to any classes. So give it a try? You have nothing to lose and your child has everything to gain!

My child is younger than 9 will he or she still be able to do the classes?

If your child can read basic English he/she will be able to do the classes. We recommend that mom or dad joins the first few classes just to make sure that your child understand everything and knows how it works. If you are unsure, try the first class and then you can decide with the tutor if your child is old enough to do the classes.

We don’t have a very good internet connection/computer but my child really wants to do this

You have a few options:

  1. Ask a family member of friend if your child can go to their house on the allocated class time to do the classes from their computer and internet connection.
  2. If you can find enough kids that want to do it with your child, you can approach your school and ask to use their computer facilities. You are welcome to contact us to help in this regard.
  3. Contact us and put your child’s name on a waiting list. If we have enough interest in your area we will open up a Kidspro centre in your town. (You can even apply to become a centre owner yourself!)
  4. If your child is very interested in computers you will probably have to invest in buying a computer for him/her at some time, so if your finances allow it please consider buying one and upgrading your internet connection- it will be an investment in your child’s education. We can assist in advise if you are unsure on what to buy- so feel free to email us if you want.

My child prefers classes in Afrikaans, do you have any Afrikaans classes?

Our tutors are bilingual and will happily help your child in Afrikaans if he/she doesn’t understand anything. Just keep in mind that the program they work in is in English.