Kidspro is South Africa’s premiere Computer Programming Centre aimed at kids aged 8 to 15.

We teach novice children programming concepts in a fun and understandable manner, while older and more advanced kids are exposed to real programming languages such as Python and Javascript.

We as parents want to give our children the best future possible. That is where Kidspro come in, with the skills that we teach children your child will be set up with a bright future.


Because software is the language of our world. In the future, not knowing the language of computers will be as challenging as being illiterate or innumerate is today.

Even if your child doesn’t want to be a coder it is still very beneficial for a child to learns how to code. Why? Because they learn computational thinking.

The importance of computational thinking

  • It combines mathematics, logic and algorithms, and teaches you a new way to think about the world.
  • It teaches you how to tackle large problems by breaking them down into a sequence of smaller, more manageable problems.
  • It helps you go from specific solutions to general ones.
  • Fields as diverse as mechanical engineering, fluid mechanics, physics, biology, archeology and music are applying the computational approach.

Computational thinking is a skill that everyone should learn. It will help you understand and master technology of all sorts and solve problems in almost any discipline.

How it works:

Due to Covid all our classes have moved online and the kids are loving it! This means that we are no longer area bound and your child can join our classes from anywhere in the world!

In our online weekly classes your child will learn computer programming principles and terminology by creating games, cartoons, animations and programs. We make use of world renowned software that does not teach a specific computer programming language, but instead is used to teach the principles in order to lay the groundwork from which any computer language can be pursued. Every child will also have the opportunity to work with our Lego Mindstorm kit, getting exposure to programming as well as a taste of robotics. When your child has mastered the required skills and levels, he/she can start learning programming languages  such as Python.

Inside our centre

  • Individual attention
  • Classes are presented on a level that kids can understand. (Every child works on his/her own pace)
  • Weekly  online classes during school terms
  • State of the art technology
  • Qualified tutors
  • Learn at your own pace
  • Learn the principles of programming while creating games and having fun!
  • Certificate for each level achieved
  • Affordable And most importantly it’s FUN!

Children must be able to read and write English and be able to work with a computer mouse.

What makes Kidspro different?

When we started Kidspro in 2015, it was the first of its kind – there was nothing similar available. Although still not part of the official SA school curriculum (except for briefly touching on it in IT from grade 10), some schools have started to offer programming lessons to young learners during school time. So why do so many parents still choose to send their kids to Kidspro classes today?

The answer is simple – quality:

Based on US curriculum and standards

Our courses adhere to STE, CSTA K-12, NGSS Science and Engineering Practices, ISTE (formerly NETS), Common Core Math and Common Core Language Arts Standards.

Ensure kids don’t miss the point

With regards to teaching coding to youngsters, there are many awesome tools available today. What we have seen so many times, when kids attempt these courses on their own or in big classroom environments, they often completely miss the point of the lesson. An example would be, in a lesson that teaches kids about loops, allows them to complete (albeit with a warning that they missed something) the lesson without using any loops. And the whole concept it attempted to teach went right past the kid’s head.

With our individual attention and feedback mechanisms we ensure this never happens.

We make it fun

Our tutors make a point of using references within the youngsters’ frameworks. By not being a typical boring teacher, we keep them completely engaged.

You can never have enough

At this young age children lay better groundwork through repetition. Even if they are already attending other programming lessons, exploring a subject from different angles, helps them to better understand the subject.

This is also why we present in the weekly format – we have found that once-off workshops are quickly forgotten if the material is not promptly revised.

We teach real code

Our aim at Kidspro have always been to get our learners to the point where they write real programs. After they have completed Kidspro Level 1, where they learn the basic programming concepts, we teach the ACTUAL coding in Level 2. No more just dragging and dropping of blockly blocks, but actual typing of commands that result in useful programs.