15 Reasons why a child must learn to program


  1. In the future you must know the language of computers. If you don’t it will be like not being able to read or write.
  2. It teaches children computational thinking that they will use in any job
  3. It teaches them problem solving
  4. It teaches them perseverance
  5. It teaches them mathematics
  6. It teaches them reading (and spelling- computers don’t understand it if you make spelling mistakes!)
  7. It teaches children to think creatively and “out of the box”
  8. It teaches them to look for different solutions
  9. It gives children job security for the future
  10. Children that have a diagnosis that makes it difficult for them to work with other people, knowing how to program is great for them, because they can do it on their own.
  11. Every child in the world doesn’t need to know how to write or read Python or C++, but every one of them should understand the structure, the logic and the interconnection of technologies which allows them to play Angry Birds, watch a YouTube video or have mum and dad buy something on Amazon.
  12. In the future, the amount of technology and our reliance on it will only increase. The students of today need to be able to not only consume this technology, but to understand and control it.
  13. What separates those who simply have an idea and those who make their ideas a reality is simple: the ability to code.
  14. Do you want your child to be a thinker and innovator who can turn his or her ideas into reality? If so, encourage them to learn how to program.
  15. Learning how to program is like learning any other language. The difference, of course, is that programming can be much more powerful. With just a computer, kids can use the skills they learn to build something that might change the world.


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